Monday, June 11, 2018

E3 2018: Bethesda

Next up on today's agenda: E3's Bethesda studios conference. The people who brought you a lot of RPGs, as well as the new Doom and Wolfenstein games.

Rage 2 ... more freaking dystopias. Okay. That's it. Now, they're all just starting to blur. In the gameplay footage, it looks even more like a Mad Max movie.

Sigh ... more Elder Scrolls online. I'm bored now.

An announcement trailer for Doom: Eternal ... which tells me nothing about the story, but shows off some nice graphics.

Quake ... again... sigh.

Prey? Again? The first game didn't work. The second game I heard no reviews of. Now, there's another.

.... And yet another Wolfenstein game: Youngblood. Set in 80s Paris. It'll be co-op. That's about the extent of the trailer, too.

They talked more about Fallout 76. Again, it looks okay.

Now with more nukes.

Also, they're releasing a BETA: "Break it Early Test Application."

Coming in November

.... And if you still have no horse in this race because you'd rather read than play games, have my novels.

The Dragons are coming.
If you don't have your ballot filled out already (either IRL or in your head,) here's my list. It includes the lists of other people, so there are options.
Just remember to vote.


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