Tuesday, June 12, 2018

#E32018: #NintendoE3

We open the last presentation of #E3 with ... a game rating? Are you seriously going to have a film that isn't perfect for children of all ages? Huh.

Daemon X Machina ... Mechs and lightsabers?  Huh. Okay.

Then next is ... what the heck? Umm... did someone get a new art director for Final Fantasy?

Xenoblade Chronicles 2? I knew that some of those voice actors sounded familiar.

Apparently, some Pokemon game. A Super Mario Party game.

Another Anime game.... Fire Emblem: Three Houses?  I heard good things about Fire Emblem.

And it's apparently a strategy game..

A few indie games, like Hollow Knight. Minecraft, Mario and Rabbit? Dragon Ball Z. A Crash Bandicoot Nintendo version? Hmm. Okay. Some Fallout and Dark Souls. Wolfenstein 2... I guess they really want all the money all those other games are making. 

Then there's more Super Smash Brothers: Ultimate, now with a few hundred characters... okay, only every character they've ever had. Literally.

And that's it. Huh. That's odd. I would have expected more in depth reveals.

Oh well.

If you're not interested in this, then you might want to try these books instead.

The Dragons are coming.
If you don't have your ballot filled out already (either IRL or in your head,) here's my list. It includes the lists of other people, so there are options.
Just remember to vote.


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