Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Good to the Last Drop: Best Horror in the Dragon Awards

The Dragon Awards are due in next week.

Yes, I know, I was taken aback as well. The earlier due date is probably due to giving more time for the vote count ... as well as whether or not some authors are going to be little babies and withdraw their nominations. Yes, I'm looking at you, Scalzi.

But yeah, on July 20th, the nominations need to be in.

I'd like to quickly discuss why Good to the Last Drop should be nominated.

The short version is that Honor at Stake and Live and Let Bite were both nominated for the Dragon Awards, and that Good to the Last Drop is even better, throwing in everything that came in before, on top of adding even more new elements.

The game-changer being my version of lycanthropy. Why? Because the best part, and the first part of these books that even I think comes close to horror, is biting Marco. Because the way I use lycanthropy is simple: it makes one's dark side physically manifest in the form of a furry quadruped predator.

And if you've read Love at First Bite, and met Marco Catalano. This is fun when you consider that Marco might be my darkest character short of being a super villain. Which is interesting when you consider that Sean A.P. Ryan will casually torture people for information, Kevin Anderson will torture politicians to death for the sake of vengeance.

Then I take Marco and I have him bitten by werewolves... causing him to lose what little control he has.

So, yeah, this book? This I could see as being horror. Because I don't think the vampires are that scary. I don't think that external threats are that creepy.

But take original sin, expand it to the point where the darkness within one person, unchecked, can reach out and threaten the people one loves? That's at least interesting.

So ... yeah, I recommend Good to the Last Drop for the Dragon Awards in best horror. If you haven't read it yet, then I'm sorry -- but it's coming back in August, so don't worry. If you GttLD, then please vote for it.

If you haven't .... maybe vote for it if you don't have a horror pick, then read it for the rerelease and see if it's as good as I think it is.

The Dragons are coming.
If you don't have your ballot filled out already (either IRL or in your head,) here's my list. It includes the lists of other people, so there are options.
Just remember to vote.


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