Sunday, August 19, 2018

On the Latest Catholic Scandal (2018)

You know, I saw the most recent headlines on the current Catholic scandal out of Philadelphia, and I felt like I was back 20 years ago when they basically ran the same headlines word for word about Boston.

My reaction?

Well, I wanted to scream, and rant, and rave.


I wanted to point out that almost all of the priests involved (probably all of them, really) might as well be time-stamped with "The Sexual Revolution" intended into their foreheads.

I wanted to point out that there are 30,000 child molestation cases a year with the Public School system, where the hell are all of THOSE stories?

But you know what? I literally wrote this blog already. Right here.

And the facts have changed so little, I don't even need to change anything.

So I'm going to not waste my breath.

Though I am curious about what the PA AG thinks he's doing, when the statue of limitations are over, and most of the abusers are 80 years old. Does he think he's distracting from the Democrats raping each other over and over again? Does he think he's actually adding anything new? Or does he just want to grab headlines and the media are desperate to grab at something?


Not like anyone's going to listen anyway.

Here, have some fun Catholic books.



  1. The outrage is due much to the horrible, nasty, disgusting, illegal behavior of the priests but most of the outrage is due to the bishops hiding it, sweeping it under the rug, pretending it never happened and failing utterly to look after the interest of the parishiners. That's the outrage. You mention a statute of limitations and it doesn't help that all of these molesters were carefully shepherded into sanctuary by the bishops and thus moot the legal rights of the victims.

    1. Yes, the post-50s North American Catholic Church has been nothing but disaster after disaster. I think the reason why those like Declan aren't too shocked (despite obvious disgust that this happened) is because that whole era has been revealed to be full of scumbags.

      The kumbaya generation isn't going to change their spots overnight and do what needs to be done.

    2. To anonymous, read the linked post.

      To JD: NO one will do what needs to happen.

      Because what needs to happen is that every child molesting scumbag needs to be gelded, have their hands snapped off at the wrists, and then strung up from lamp posts until their bodies disconnect from the skull, as a warning to every last one of them (that we might miss) that not only will this crap not be tolerated, the price will be suffering, misery, and death.

      But if we do that, we might have to do this to all of them.

      Right now, it seems that the only "crime" is that these folks wore a collar. Because I don't hear anyone closing NAMBLA. I don't hear the LGTBQWTF community calling for child molesters to be utterly denounced in the public square. I barely see them telling the NAMBLA bastards "Go away, you're making us look bad."

      We hunt all of the bastards and make them all suffer, without any exceptions, or we put up with this crap in dribs and drabs, indefinitely.

    3. I was writing from my ipad and am the anonymous first poster. ID works better on my computer that knows me. I don't hide behind anonymous it just works out that way sometimes.

      That said. You are so full of shite your eyes are brown. 6 dioceses in one state generated 300 abusive child rapists and every single solitary one of them was sheltered in the benevolent arms of mother church and her bishops.

      I have read your link above now and I will simply say that you are unbelievably naive. It's the will to believe that leads so many down the path to hell and you ankled down it loudly singing the praises to the bishops that did in fact hide the molesters and conceal the evidence and hide the truth from the parish. Your cite of 3% this and 4% that is unfettered by the fact that most of the crimes were never reported to police authorities for legal action and were swept under the rug AS THE CASE IN POINT SHOWS US. The Grand Jury had a look at REALITY and REALITY is the CHURCH HID the offenders and did not take them out of circulation. One priest sent to Belfast doesn't make much of an argument with people raised on tales of martyrs who died for their faith. So what if he got whacked and to be honest, how many Roman Catholic priests got whacked during the Troubles anyway?

      Your appeal to degenerates is kind of lost on me. Why would you think I support them or their "rights''? I say give every child a knife and teach them to use them. When they're old enough, give them a gun and teach them to use them.

      What you fail to understand, still, is that the CHURCH hid these kiddie abusers and rapists for generations and STILL DOES TO THIS DAY. There should not be even one single case of an accusation made that isn't investigated by the POLICE and yet the Church still insists that it polices its own.

      And we're not even going to talk about what the CHURCH did for generations to orphans, the children of unwed mothers and their behavior towards unwed mothers over the generations. If there was evil in the world, the CHURCH was always right there with a short spoon to eat of it.

      You'd hardly believe I went to Catholic school in Newport RI now would you?

    4. If John Jay university isn't a good enough neutral authority for you, I can't really help you.

      The "crimes aren't reported" meme is somewhat faulty. Because if they're not reported, where did the Grand Jury get any facts from? The answer is usually the church itself, because they keep every scrap of paper of every abuse case. As opposed to everyone who, who even make the paper disappear.

      I'd actually note that in the indictment, you'd notice that only 3 of these pricks got through the latest psychological screening and filters, installed by the church after the last time this was reported on.

      I don't know why you're so pissed off about my distinctions. I merely thought the Bishops and Cardinals were morons who should be shot, as opposed to criminal masterminds who should be tortured to death.

      As for focusing on the rights of the accused? Because every time this comes up, the immediate suggestion is to strip rights from the Catholic church in total -- you may not recall the assaults and even occasional shooting of priests who were totally innocent of any wrongdoing, but they're Catholic, so why should that matter?

      After that .... I think I lose the plot of your argument. I'm all in favor of arming children. And I wouldn't know what you believe from a hole in the wall -- except you believe it's perfectly fine to come to someone else's blog and hurl insults. I merely wanted you to look at the whole argument before commenting. You have, but you seem to think I was implying ... something about you. So I'm hard-pressed to respond to the rest of your comment.

      If you would like to tone down the language against me (I presume JD), I'm sure we can continue to have a civil discussion. But if you want to continue to be abusive, go ahead back to your own blog and circle jerk among your own little clique. I will tolerate your abusive behavior against me or fellow commentators exactly once.

    5. Though on the other hand, if you want to discuss arming society, I'm good for that. I figure knives at .... what? Six years old? Start with guns around 10? Or would you want to start both at the same time?

      ... No, I'm not joking. I'd rather there be a national conversation about arming everyone starting as early as possible. Between my K-12 Catholic school education, I'd want knife fighting as part of Pre-K PE (no, I know that's not a thing. It should be, though). Children should definitely be carrying at least a blade if not a gun as well, definitely before high school.

    6. Also, it's funny that grand jury's are historically known for whatever verdict the DA wants, up to convicting a ham sandwich. But lets assume everyone is guilty.

      Also, HMSD, you've not only assumed that every accused protest is guilty (which John Jay refuted) you desire to act as so m though even more on top of them are guilty, even if they're not accused.

      So .... let's presume they're all guilty. And hang them now? I've heard that before. Germany in the mid 30s, for one.

      And you wonder why anyone worries about the rights of the accused..

      No. I'm not surprised you're educated as Catholic. The church often educated their own worst enemies.


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