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Unleash .... THE HEROES

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Today I would like to give you some blessed relief from me talking to you about my books....

.... So I can talk to you about other people's books.

Superheroes are in.

You may have noticed.

Well, Silver Empire has. 

They've been working on a project for the past few months to feed the public's ever growing interest in Superheroes: Heroes Unleashed. 

What is it? Glad you asked. It's actually a shared world on the scale of old-school Marvel or DC -- think of Crisis on Infinite Earths or Secret Wars, first edition. One superhero world, in one superhero city....

With five authors.

This is the brain child of Morgon Newquist, my editor, and one of the better authors in some of the anthologies I've been in.

Kai Wai Cheah, 2017 Dragon award nominate author
JD Cowan, who has reviewed ... most of my books.
Jon Mollison, of the late "Sad Puppy Book Club" website.
Richard W. Watts who ... I should know, but don't ask me for his credits right now.

But today, my publisher Silver Empire brings you -- The Kickstarter Campaign.
Five Amazing Authors, Five Super Novels!

Here at Silver Empire, we've been waiting nearly a year to bring you the exciting Heroes Unleashed project! We've collected the best up and coming authors to bring you this amazing, first of its kind collection of new, interlinked superhero novels! No, these aren't comicbooks or graphic novels, these are straight up novels, packed with all the superhuman action and goodness you could ever ask for!

Authors Morgon Newquist, J.D. Cowan, Kai Wai Cheah, Jon Mollison, and Richard Watts bring the Heroes Unleashed universe to life with their five Phase I novels. Each novel will begin a series of its own that will continue for at least three books.
I'd go into details on these books, but you can see it here, on the Kickstarter page

On the Kickstarter, today, as well as while the campaign develops, they intend to add more and more art and samples from the novels throughout, so if you're not impressed by what's there today (and I think you should be, it's kinda awesome) come back every so often over the 21 days the Kickstarter will run.

The backer rewards are as follows
* $1 - the first 100 pages of Heroes Fall right now (don't even have to wait for the Kickstarter to end).
* $5 - pick 1 ebook from the Phase I selection
* $15 - pick 1 paperback from the Phase I selection (signed)
* $20 - the complete Phase I ebook selection
* $30 - a limited edition Heroes Unleashed "Phase I Backer" t-shirt
* $40 - pick 1 hardcover from the Phase I selection (signed, limited edition, Kickstarter only)
* $90 - complete Phase I paperback collection (signed)
* $190 - complete Phase I hardcover collection (signed, limited edition, Kickstarter only)
* $1000 - YOU get to be a minor hero or villain in a future Heroes Unleashed book. Includes custom art. Limit 5. 
Each of the rewards are limited, so, keep that in mind. Sooner would be better.

Keep in mind, this is only Heroes Unleashed PHASE 1.  Yes, phases. The new Marvel Method ... the one that makes money, not the current batch of comic books with art so bad, it even makes my cover art looks good. (Not that it annoys me or anything....)

There will probably be even more data on the future of the project during the campaign. Just a guess.

Now, I'm sure there will be some people who are wondering why do this now. "But Declan," I hear you say, "they already publish books ... like yours ...without needing outside cash."

As they point out
What we need
To be honest, we don't need a whole lot. Four of the five books are already basically done (first drafts are finished, editors have had a crack at them). All we really need at this point is covers and promotional artwork.

What your pledges support  
Your pledges support getting us those covers and promotional artwork, they'll help us promote the books, and - most of all - the authors will get paid at their respective royalty rates, which will help ensure that they keep writing more Heroes Unleashed stories!
You will note in the kickstarter page, everything is co-authored by the little man who wasn't there. This of course brings us to one nifty little trick that more than a few publishers employ -- a shared co-author on all of these books. Like "Richard Castle" of the real life Nikki Heat and Derek Storm novels has one name, multiple authors, this has a similar track. In part, it's a way to mess with Amazon's algorithms. According to an author at I-Con, back when it was my local con, Baen would have senior writers work with junior writers, so the bestselling author name would confound Barnes and Noble's purchasing algorithms (for example, back when March Upcountry came out and Ringo was relatively new, the computer for the bookstore thinks "David Weber sells millions of books. We should order millions of books. Ignore that John Ringo name, Weber sells millions of books.")

Again, that's just what I heard at I-Con. I may be wrong.

In the case of Heroes Unleashed, Amazon will give higher priority to authors who sell books more often. I heard that about a year ago, I think. Anyway, now, HU has a single co-author on all of the books, even the ones that aren't written yet.

It's a little meta.

Anyway, look over the kickstarter, see what you think. And, frankly, give at least one dollar. At least one. Why? Because for one dollar, you get the first hundred pages. And if you like them, kick in more so you can get more stuff.

I'm a cheap bastard, and that's a good deal even for me.

Kickstarter here.


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  1. "Richard W. Watts who ... I should know, but don't ask me for his credits right now."

    Hey, Declan, this is Richard.

    First, thanks for the Heroes Unleashed shout out!

    Second, I'm not surprised you don't remember me, since my previous published credits include a couple of short stories. You and I did share space the in the Paragons anthology from Silver Empire.

    Yes, Wattsbot still has some shine on his chrome. Which is why I'm thrilled to be chosen to participate in the Heroes Unleashed project and beyond humbled to be rubbing shoulders with the excellent authors listed above.

    I'm also the guy who gets every B5 quote you will ever post. You can see why at my blog, https://slidingpast.blogspot.com/

    Thanks again for the mentions and congrats on your impending nuptuals!


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