Monday, September 24, 2018

Hell Spawn: Cover Reveal

It occurs to me that I should have done this before I got married, but I was a little busy....

Getting Married.

Anyway, welcome to Hell Spawn, the first in my latest, newest series. Saint Tommy, Detective. It's about a NYPD detective with all the powers of a Wonder Worker ... ie: a future Saint.... and I put him up against a serial killer with a special history: he's a serial killer.

Long term fans of mine will be amused by this cover.

Are you not getting it? Don't worry, here's the first edition cover for A Pius Man.

Yup. Some of the same stock art.

For the record, my publisher, nor the cover artist, had any knowledge about this edition of APM. Please remember that I had come to Russell's attention around my vampire series. By then, Dawn Witzke had already done the cover art on book 1 again. After release.

Yeah. This is only the start. Just wait until you see some of what's in Hell Spawn.

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