Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Playlist: Hell Spawn

There is, believe it or not, no particular list for Hell Spawn.

Yes, I know. If I don't have a list, what the heck am I doing today?

I said a particular list. I have few pieces of music that were instrumental to this novel. I had just really discovered Spotify and I killed a lot of time going to artists I knew and just hitting play on everything.

But then, as I came to the climax of the novel... Let's just say that there's a scene on Riker's Island.... I came on this.

And damn this was awesome.

Oh, heck yeah.

I played this one on a loop for the better part of 50 pages. It was all hand to hand combat and punching, kicking melee. It's Saint Tommy versus ... no spoilers, honest. but it's the last part of the novel.

Buckle up and brace for impact. Hell Spawn is going to grip you like nothing else. I'm relatively certain of that.

Click here to get it.

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