Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Captain Marvel Trailer, take 2

I am shocked. Shocked I tell you,

You mean, she has a FACIAL EXPRESSION?

She can have INFLECTION in her voice?


Color me shocked.



No, I'm still cynical about this. Most of the dialogue in the trailer is exposition. And I'm not entirely certain that I want to spend the entire film with her doing Jason Bourne memory loss when the trailers have pretty much explained a good chunk of it.

.... I also like how they opened the trailer with explaining "punching little old lady in the face."

It's okay. I've seen worse. And it's obvious they churned this one out after polishing some of the effects.

However, if you want some solid heroics, life or death threats, and kicking ass and taking names, there's Hell Spawn. And remember, Death Cult is coming. Pre-order you copy now.  

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