Monday, January 14, 2019

Comic Book Fatigue

This is sort of depressing. Because I think I found the true source of this "comic book media fatigue" everyone keeps predicting. Because it's not Marvel films.

It's Television.

The projects coming out in 2019 are uninspiring.

"Deadly Class".... who? 
Huh? What? What's a Rick Remender? And if we're doing Assassin training, why isn't is a Terry Pratchett novel? (never heard of the founding comic)

"The Boys" by .... Garth Ennis.
Because that'll end well. "We're going to be edgy and undermine corrupt superheroes." Yeah, sure. (never heard of the founding comic)

Umbrella Academic.
It's about dysfunctional superheroes. Because that works every time they do the Fantastic Four. (Again, I've never heard of the founding comic)

Doom Patrol, starring Cyborg.
Finally, something I'm very vaguely aware of. A spinoff of the streaming Titans project.... which turned me off with every commercial.

Young Justice: Outsiders. 
I know this one! It's a cartoon! It was even fun at times.... aaaannnndddd it's also on streaming, so screw you, WB.

Watchmen on HBO
.... using an "alternate timeline from the comic." So, I'm guessing MORE sex, nudity and rape. Produced by Damon Lindelof, meaning it will be even MORE unsatisfying and suicide inducing than the comic or the movie.

On Epix (a channel I never heard of), as the people who brought you Gotham bring you the origin story of Batman's Alfred. His sidekick will be Thomas Wayne.
.... Are you flipping kidding me?

"Swamp Thing" ...
This will be taken largely from the "Anatomy Lesson" issue of Alan Moore's run. Again, streaming service.

"Star Girl" ....
They're doing Star Girl, because screw James Robinson and his run on Starman, that's why. At least this one is co-created with Geoff Johns. Which may mean it MIGHT not suck

Sigh. Yeah, they've green lit a pilot. Which, given what little I've seen of Gotham in Elseworlds, means that they're going do to Batwoman what they did to Supergirl -- ie: reskin all of the male counterpart's villains as either female, or "patriarchy." (Seriously, they had Nora Fries running around using Victor's freeze ray. How does this make any sense?) Also, I'm still on the fence about Ruby Rose's ability to act. I've seen her in three different roles, and I want a "learn to emote" switch somewhere.

Here, have some interesting superhero works.

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