Monday, January 7, 2019

Help, I'm a writer and I can't stop

Welcome back and happy New Year to everyone.

You may have noticed lately that the blog has gone strange. What used to be a wall-to-wall, daily blog has become a "whenever I feel like it" blog. I didn't plan it that way, and I apologize. Had I known I was going to fall into some ... interesting habits, I would have planned ahead and solicited additional help from the pool of authors I know for guest posts.

But I couldn't think of it that much. I was a little busy pumping out a book that's due in February. A book that I should have started in November, but I dropped the ball.

As you know from a previous post, Russell at Silver Empire likes to have me write up and send in outlines of my books before I start writing them.

This time, I thought I sent book 4, City of Shadows, in with book 3, Infernal Affairs. Instead, I put it off to do finishing touches on it, and completely forgot to send it in as one package.

And, as noted, City of Shadows is due out in February. Which means that once I do the remaining 20,000 words, it has to go to Silver Empire, through the editor (Jagi) and then to formatting and pre-order.

So, once I plow through books 4 and 5, I can relax a little for 6. After #6, there is a new series coming out, a space opera I've been working on for years, so all that's needed is editing on the first three, and some rewrites on most of the others. Thus, I may actually be able to relax and do a few blogs here and there that have NOTHING TO DO WITH MY BOOKS.

Yeah, I'm looking forward to the time when my posts stop looking like marketing.

But, as the title implies, I've been working so much, there's little room in my brain for anything other than work. So if you're getting sick of my "here's my book, here's how I wrote the book, these are my thought processes as I write the book, and here are some chapters, and oh wait look there's another book coming out in four weeks I should probably talk about that a minute-and-I-should-probably-slow-down-but-I-can'-t-because-my-brain-is-geared-to-work-all-the-time-and-I-suffer-from-depression-if-I-don't..."

If you ever wonder what my advice is for people who WANT to write novels for fun and profit, it's simple. DON'T. Because you don't want to rewire your brain like this. If you HAVE TO write novels ... it's too late for you, embrace the suck / fun / joy.

Maybe I should start posting screen shots from my video game du jour. You know, that stuff I do in order to turn off my brain.

Either way, I intend to do better .... sometime soon.

Good God I miss my mind.

Anyway, so you could see what I'm dumping most of my brain power on... here:

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