Friday, January 11, 2019

Jim McCoy Reviews Death Cult

I will not deprive you of the fun that is the review of Death Cult by Jim McCoy over on his blog.

I will however, give you a few samples if you don't want to start on his blog.
Ladies and Gentleman (and you in the back) I present to you a plot synopsis of Declan Finn's Latest Book, Death Cult.

Dude, don't
He did?
That sounds like it hurt.
That had to have hurt
Them again
I'm not sure that's physically possible
I KNOW that's NOT physically possible
The End!
I don't know about you, but I found that funny as heck. Jim pretty much as the most entertaining reviews on a blog, so you read them for fun as much as you would the book.

For example
In Hell Spawn Saint Tommy fought a demon. It was ugly. There was lots of fighting and many people died to death. It was quite horrifying. I loved the book, but I was a bit worried. Don't get me wrong. Finn is a good author. But when you're writing Christian fiction and you go up against a demon, what comes next? 
.... I'm going to have to skip down the line of the review, otherwise I'm just going to be copying and pasting the whole review.
Finn has built his world very well. We're treated to some old friends and some new acquaintances and they all fit together nicely. I really like it when a book stays true to the universe it is written in. Death Cult does so nicely. The internal logic is consistent, the characters stay true to their own motivations. I don't mean that the book is predictable because it's not. There is, however, a difference between logical and predictable and Finn has found his groove here.
Yeah. This paragraph made me happy on a number of levels.

Trust me, I'm always worried about book two... don't even ask me why. I have no problem writing it, though I always look at it and say, "I didn't make this predictable, did I? This went fast enough, didn't it?"

I'm going to stop citing the review, and just tell you to go and read it. It's highly entertaining.

And of course, once you do that, you can buy Hell Spawn and Death Cult.  And if you have already done that, well then, you can go leave a review. Wouldn't that be fun?

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