Thursday, January 17, 2019

Music Blog: ATTACK ON TITAN - Full English Opening 1

I was originally going to give this SOB the time of day months ago on the blog. I had even scheduled a music blog a week.

Then, as is the habit of the Californian soyboy, the little bitch decided to block me on Twitter because we had a conversation on guns and I kept trumping him with, oh, facts. And he started the conversation by saying that since I supported the second amendment, I was responsible for any shooting.

So you won't see him on this blog that often. Though I used to listen to his stuff on a loop for 8 hours a day. I got Spotify because I wanted to make sure creators like him got money they wouldn't get from YouTube. Then he personally insulted me, and now it's amazing how many flaws I catch in his singing.

However, the song for Attack on Titan is so awesome, I'll grant him this one appearance. Though expect a lot more Minniva coming in soon enough.

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