Saturday, April 13, 2019

City of Shadows, Chapter 1 Playlist

When writing City of Shadows, it was the first time I had ever noticed that the music was integral to the plot. Strangely enough. It's one of the few times I had marked the music as I wrote.

And this time, it's all Sabaton.

Chapter 1: Missionary Position

Do I have to mention that the first scene takes place in Rome?

This one, strangely enough, was almost more of a Ghost story. Don't even ask me why I thought it worked. It just did.

I was writing a short story for Daniel Humphreys for his Place called Hope series. Elements of that found me using this song a lot.

And so I ended up using it for this. Let's say there was spillage.

I, too, was a fan of the movie 300.

Obviously, so was Sabaton.

Considering the title, I'm surprised I didn't use this song more during my vampire series.

Anyway, you can get City of Shadows here.

While you're listening to the music,  please join the discussion about the Dragon Awards. I've got the latest post updated and ready to go, and I seriously want to hear from you and your thoughts on what you enjoyed.

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