Sunday, April 28, 2019

Deus Vult O'Clock

You know things are bad when I don't even want to write a shootout.

So I'm taking this little lull from writing at the moment to talk with you people about, well, what the Hell I've been doing.

Much of what I've been researching during the Saint Tommy series had been a refresher course on my faith. Some of it is tripping over stuff I haven't seen before. Few people discuss what happens with the Catholic church lately in terms of what the church teaches. Most of the time, they discuss whatever dumbass statement our current moron in white at the Vatican is talking about this week. (Yes, moron. Because if he were evil, I'd think he'd be smarter than this.)

And it drives me crazy.

If you look at doctrine, Catholics aren't half as wishy washy as Pope Francis would have you believe.

Pope Jon Paul II took out the Soviet Union.

Benedict was, of all things, an intellectual badass academic who STILL had people who liked him.

Then we have Pope flipping Frankie, who is such a spineless worm I'm waiting for him to just die already.

I mean, look at this.
"Christians in America and Europe are persecuted. This is not the wild claim of right-wing alarmists but the sober contention of the Bishop of Rome. Standing where St Peter was crucified, preaching on the feast of St Stephen in 2016, Pope Francis described how Christians in the West have come to face a form of “polite persecution” that “takes away from man and woman their freedom, as well as their right to conscientious objection”. “Jesus has named the head of this ‘polite’ persecution: the prince of this world,” Francis said. “And when the powerful want to impose behaviours, laws against the dignity of the son of God, they persecute them and go against God the Creator. It is the great apostasy.”
This is, of course, before Francis literally kowtowed to Imams in Jordan. This is before Francis handed over the underground Church in China to the Christian-beating government, who has proceeded to kick the stuffing out of every since Christian they could get their hands on, and has declared that they are going to destroy Christianity, full stop.

Maybe the "polite persecution" would stop if people thought we had a spine. Francis shows them on every occasion that we will bend over for any thug.

And it drives me crazy.

It's starting to feel like the Pope doesn't understand Christianity. Do you know why we have a crucifix as our symbol? It was a symbol of "Our God overcame this. We aren't afraid of the most horrific, painful torture and execution device you have in your entire arsenal. What else ya got? Bring it, bitch."

The instruction "When struck on the right cheek, offer them your left" wasn't an invitation to masochism because we delight in being pummeled. It was an alternative to swinging back (which would probably get you arrested and killed) or running away in terror. A strike on the right cheek was a backhand. It was what a citizen would do to a servant or a slave. Not only did offering your left cheek meant they'd have to upgrade their assessment of you, it, too, was an early form of "Bring it, bitch."

Please remember, this is a church that has had parish priests stand up to royalty. Not Popes versus Emperors. Everyone likes to harp on that. But Saint Ambrose was a thing, who was a parish priest versus royalty. No one feared death or discomfort. Our God knew His way out of the grave. We stood for Him and fuck you if you want to test our mettle.

But a lot of people seem to have lost sight of that.

In my conversation with the Catholic Reads editor last week, he noted how my hero, Tommy Nolan, was both a good Catholic and manly. Because he was going to go six rounds with a demon, he was going to get his head handed to him, risk his family, his job, and maybe even his soul. Because after all the tolerance and forgiveness he metes out, after all of the BS he puts up with, Detective Nolan will draw the line, hold the line, and wrap the line around your neck if he needs to in order to stop evil in its tracks.

Where the Hell is that church?

The answer is, as always, lies with The Church. The mystical body of Christ. To be specific, the laity who are out here damanding tradition wherever we can, and hunting it down wherever we can find it. That's the nice thing about the Catholic church. Like the military, like with any rigid hierarchical structure, there's always another way to get things done.

Because it's become quite clear that we can't rely on Rome to do the right thing. Just looked at Francis' recent death penalty issuance. That it's wrong at all time? Oh really? Funny, John Paul II said that he couldn't backtrack on married or male-only priests because he felt he couldn't go against tradition -- and there was a married priesthood only a thousand years ago. The death penalty in Christendom goes back 2,000 years, but the dictator in the Vatican is going to be a dick about it because he thinks he can get away with it.

Thankfully, it's not considered infallible. That's a playing card not even Frankie is willing to play just yet. So I'm going to ignore the jerk until he dies, and we get a Cardinal Sarah type to throw him and all of his idiocies under a bus.

And yes, I do expect a Cardinal Sarah type. If you don't know who Cardinal Sarah is, he's basically the only person who's calling the Pope out every time he does something stupid. But Sarah is African. He comes from the part of the world where the church really is under attack on a daily basis, and that's always a recipe for Orthodoxy. If you don't believe me, just ask how life for JPII and Benedict were under the Communists and the Nazis, respectively. (I'm not sure how one joins the seminary at age 14, but apparently that's where he was when the Hitler Youth hijacked him at that age ... honestly, what 14 year old wants to be a priest? A really serious one. Anyway...)

But on Pope Francis, this too shall pass. As I've said before, we've had incompetent men on the throne of Peter. We've had some evil pricks as well. We've had Medicis and Borgias. We've had Warlords. We've had Popes with girlfriends. We've had Popes with children by their girlfriends. We've had Popes run by their girlfriends.

But until then, Catholics are going to have to stand up on our own two feet and fight back. Sri Lanka happened because thugs think they can walk all over us. It's an impression that Pope Francis has made all too common.

Spread the word. It's Deus Vult o'clock.

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