Tuesday, April 2, 2019


This upcoming weekend, I will be at RavenCon. My schedule looks a bit like this.


5 - 7 pm (Private, Optional) Meet and Greet for Guests / Green Room

7 pm (Opening Ceremony) Large Auditorium

8 pm (Panel) Music and Art Influences in SFF Stories and Novels / Room F
Where have our panelists used music or art in SFF stories or novels, or seen it used? What are your favorite examples? When you share a playlist with your readers, is it always the same music you wrote to?
Guests: (Moderator) Gray Rinehart, Declan Finn, Alexander G.R. Gideon, James P. Nettles

This should be fun. Especially when it feels like half my posts on the blog are music posts.


3 pm (Panel) Combining the Mystery/ Detective Genre with SF / Room L
Although humanity changes very slowly, in the future the methods used to commit crime and enforce laws will certainly change. What elements of detective fiction make for satisfying science fiction? What elements of science fiction make for satisfying mysteries? In the cold world of cyberpunk, does justice usually prevail?
Guests: T. Eric Bakutis, Declan Finn, Jack McDevitt, Joan Wendland, Meriah L. Crawford (M)

Having written at least three straight up murder mysteries (It Was Only on Stun!, Set to Kill, and Codename: UnSub), not even counting the "fantasy with mystery elements" in Love at First Bite and all of Saint Tommy, NYPD,

I think I can make this work.

And I'm on this panel with Jack flipping McDevitt.

5PM: Signing

9 pm (Panel) Letters Written From Hell – The Horror Writing Process / Room L
Ever wondered how seemingly normal people come up with such horrific ideas? Are they, in fact, normal? What kind of research do they do? How far into a psycho's psyche do they have to get? Do their subjects ever get to them? Come find out, if you dare.
Guests: Pamela K. Kinney, Lexie Carver, Declan Finn, Michael Cieslak (M)


"Normal" people. Heh heh heh.

That's not even the dark one. The next one is after any potential children at the con are asleep.

11 pm (Panel) Exploring the Dark / Room L
What draws us to the horrific? What role does horror have in society? Does gore/hyper-violence and/or a comic/humorous tone in horror conflict or complement psychological horror?
Guests: Mark Geary (M), RS Belcher, Lexie Carver, Declan Finn

This should be interesting since this is going to be just me and one other person. Though talking about "horror in society" might be a wee bit pretentious.


11 am (Panel) Classic SFF / Room L / Moderator
What makes a classic? And what’s the lifespan of a classic? Nothing lasts forever… what can you think of that was long accepted as a classic but no one thinks of now?
Guests: Dina Leacock, Declan Finn (M), L. Jagi Lamplighter, Nathan Skreslet, John C. Wright.

Yes. I'm moderating this one. And I'm on with Jagi. And with John C. Wright.... No big deal.

Granted, it's also 11 am on Sunday morning of a convention. Let's see who's going to be awake. Hopefully, I'm one of them.

1 pm (Panel) Beyond John Williams / Room E
John Williams is the man, but he isn't the only one. Who are some other great film score composers?
Guests: Declan Finn, Jason Hamlin (M)

I could make this a three hour lecture all by myself.

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