Tuesday, May 7, 2019

City of Shadows Playlist, Chapter 2

Only two different ones this time as I went through Chapter 2. I don't know if it was a matter of I played these on a loop, or if these were the only two songs that I remembered.

Both of these are covers by Minniva. I don't know her last name offhand. In a lot of cases, I like her versions better than the original ... if only because they move, and because I can understand them.

Anyway, this is one.

And then Hammerfall's Last Man Standing

In either case, if you haven't gotten a copy of City of Shadows yet, here's the link.

Oh, and if you haven't seen, I have May's Dragon Award discussion up already.

Enjoy one or the other. :)

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  1. Just a quick note: One of the treats of your new story series: Saint Tommy is the sense of place you are creating. The New York unfolding in it is a delight. Props for world-building!


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