Thursday, June 20, 2019

500 Vampires, No Waiting

When discussing panel possibilities at LibertyCon, I kind threw a bunch of ideas into the ether.

Apparently, one of them got picked up.

So, of course, I'm moderating.
500 Vampires, No Waiting
How many vampire types are out there? Do you prefer the supernatural? The aliens? The Wesley Snipes movies? Declan Finn moderates this panel on the many varieties of Nosferatu.
  • Karen Bogen
  • David L. Burkhead
  • Declan Finn
  • Amie Gibbons
  • Louise Herring-Jones
  • Daniel Humphreys
  • Tom Tinney
With six people on the panel (not counting myself) this is going to be interesting. The 60 minute panels are closer to 50 or 55 minutes. I figure I may not have time for more than six or seven questions.

For the record, this is an evolving post. I'm going to edit it with any additional content from other members of the panel. And yes, I'm going to give the authors the questions ahead of time so they don't have to think all that hard about it.
1) Let's go down the panel and have all of our panelists introduce themselves. If you could touch a little bit on your vampire "cred," that would be great.

2) There are so many varieties of vampires out there it's almost hard to keep track. There are the supernatural vampires -- be they Bram Stoker's "zombies with fangs," as his great grand nephew Dacre Stoke put it, the vampire courts of Jim Butcher, Larry Correia's, or even Sherrilyn Kenyon and Laurell K Hamilton. Then there are the superpredators -- the Atlantian nanotechnology of Lyndsay Sands, the vampires of Blade, or even, dare I say it, vampires that sparkle. What is your own, particular spin on vampires and vampirism? Supernatural or super predator? And why did you decide to go that way?

3) What is your favorite vampire story, or vampire type, that was not created by you? What was it about the particular spin that you enjoyed?

4) In all of the vampire media that you've been exposed to, what do you find is the worst execution of vampires? Please try to avoid any answers that involve the word "sparkling."

5) What are your thoughts on totally secularizing vampires that are supernatural? Where they have all the powers and abilities of the original Dracula, and yet have no relationship with crosses?
Even at one minute per person and per question, that's at least thirty minutes... thirty-five if I add a comment or two. This doesn't even count questions from the audience.

If you have a question you want to ask any of these guys, let me know, and I'll see what I can squeeze in.

Meanwhile, if you're interested, have a glance at my own version of vampires with the Dragon award nominated series Love at First Bite.

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