Monday, July 8, 2019

#LibertyCon32 AAR

I've got some After Action reports for this year's LibertyCon.

One comes from my publisher. This comes complete with a video of a panel I was one.  Click here, and enjoy.

This one is from my acquaintance, Tom Tinney, who was one a panel I moderated.

As for me .... I was blitzed by driving 850 miles to get down there. Most of my interactions were social. It was great to hang out with people who, for me, exist only online the other 362 days a year. But there was Brian, and Cisca, and Amie Gibbons, and Marina Fontaine, and Dan Humphreys, and the Newquists, and His Tankness. And people I'm sure I'm forgetting.

And there are business dealings that will be announced soonish.

But most of what happened at LibertyCon, for me, is going to stay there. Hence why I posted the other AARs.

Be well, all.

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