Monday, August 19, 2019

My wife left me last month

My wife left me last month and went to Texas.

Two weeks ago, I went down and picked her up, helping her out for both of those weeks.

For the record, she went to Texas to help a friend of ours who was recently widowed.

Then I discovered how many people I personally know who live in Texas... and they all seem to be in the same area. It's all very nice. And I think I would like to move there. I might even garner a social life. Who knows?

Saint Tommy, NYPD Box Set: Books 1-3 by [Finn, Declan]Anyway, stuff is happening in the background. I can't imagine any of it I can actually say just yet.

What I can say involves....


Also, I have a new series coming out soon. These are older books that still hold up... and they're all over 120,000 words. So either these are going to be slightly more expensive, or they're going to be broken up into individual novels. Or both.

And they're going to be self published.

Why? Because My publisher is busy, I don't want to drop even more on them, and they already have Saint Tommy book 6, and three books of a space opera en route. They need more work from me like they need a hole in the head.

You'll also note that these are long books for me. Longer than most books published by people in my circles. Probably three times as long as any James Patterson novel. It's what happens when I didn't know any better -- I knew that books were 300-500 pages long. So, I made sure my books were that long.... except they were single-spaced, 8 x 11 sized pages.

So these thrillers were long.

They were also from a period in my life when I was reading two series -- Modest Blaise, by Peter O'Donnell, and the Bourne series by Robert Ludlum. The end result is a fun bit of action and no realism if I can avoid it.

But they'll be coming soon enough.

But the short version is that we're back. The blog is coming back. I'm doing a bunch of review for books I read while I was away.

I'm still doing live streams on Facebook at the Silver Empire page. So if you're interested, I'm there once a week. I'm also trying to start a few other things... you know, because I don't have enough work to do.

But it's me. Not working isn't something I do.

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