Monday, September 30, 2019

Update: She Lives!

A quick update based on the preoccupying incident mentioned the other day.

My mother is recovering from her stroke nicely.

Though the doctors have revised their opinion. It may not have been a stroke. It may have been a migraine... A migraine that caused word salad, partial paralysis, vertigo, that sort of thing.

This is the fourth time she's been in the hospital for a stroke. Maybe the fifth. It has been suggested that they were all migraines of this caliber. But the doctors can only suggest that in retrospect, with the glory of 20/ 20 hindsight.

We know she's had at least one stroke in the past -- there is definite evidence of one previous stroke. But the doctors can't tell when it happened, why it happened, or if it was serious enough to have been apparent at the time.

If you're wondering why I was a little casual in the previous blog about "mother with stroke," this would be why.

So, yes. My mother lives. I'm going to have a conversation with the doctors before they kick her out of the hospital. Though we have no idea when that might be. Though I'd love to know when the heck can block migraines.

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