Tuesday, October 1, 2019


My serial novel, Too Secret Service, has come out with a second part today.

The first part was Wayne Williams meeting Catherine Miller. And I really did like the chemistry between them. The rest of part one was Northern Ireland, and a shootout in an old army barracks. 

Part two is a trip to Rome, where our heroes will encounter some familiar faces. There are shootouts above and below the streets.

Much to my surprise there was a natural break down of the book into a serial format. 

Part 1: Wayne, meet Catherine, and Ireland.
Part 2: Rome.
Part 3: Masada, and the finale.

For those of you who have read The Pius Trilogy, you may remember some minor characters here and there.

Blaine Lansing and Jennifer Lane were both introduced to you, the reader, in A Pius Legacy: A Political Thriller. I met them both here. Much to my surprise, it wasn't hard to rewrite Too Secret Service so that it came after Pius. In fact, thanks to the rewrites I had to make there, the book became a little shorter, and some of the melodrama I had written in when I first wrote it.

Yes, while I had written a fairly solid novel, that needed minimal changes, there was one slight problem I had in the rewrite was part of the background material for the hero. This sucked up a lot of page time. When I replaced the reason for Wayne's exile to the back woods -- let's just say his family pissed off the last President in Pius -- all of that other detail went by the wayside. It made the book shorter, the action a little tighter, and the overall novel less moody.

But yeah, I had a great deal of fun with this serial. 

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