Thursday, December 12, 2019

Ghostbusters: Afterlife - Official Trailer (2020)

Well, that was ... not what I expected.

Let's start with the premise that I no longer think that Ghostbusters holds up as well as it used to. I'm not sure if it's the style, the acting, the writing, it's just not as much fun as I remember it being. And I used to quite enjoy it.

Now .... eh.

Still better than that 2016 abortion.

Now we have a film that's ... technically a sequel? Obviously, it's got at least one set of grandkids from Egon Spengler.

I'll give them points for this. This trailer feels more like Ghostbusters at this early date than the 2016 travesty ever did. It has touches of the music. It has the right sound effects. The minimal CGI looks right. It even has an homage to the original cartoon.

The most important tie-in, however, is that the villain of the piece might be Shandor -- the man who made spook central in the first film because he thought all of humanity should have been wiped out because people were a plague on the Earth.

You know, like Thanos. Only working with the forces of Hell.

It's also nice to see Paul Rudd in a movie that's obviously toned down from his work in the Anti-Man films.

This might be interesting. Not sure if I'd see it, but I'm curious enough to see the next trailer.

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