Wednesday, January 29, 2020

William Lehman on writing Vulcan III for Luna

Today we have another author who contributed to the Luna Anthology, William Lehman.

His story is Vulcan III: The first step to Mars was a refueling station on Luna.  Building it would take a special crew. Selected for compatibility, engineering savvy, and mental toughness.  This was their story.

When Declan approached me about this project, I had only written one short story in my life, and it hadn't been published yet. (It can be found in "Secret Stairs: a tribute to urban legend") But I grew up reading Heinlein, Clark and Asimov so I thought I would take a crack at it. 

We were headed out to the coast for a long weekend (thanksgiving) and the whole way there this story was biting at the back of my neck.

I got so excited about this project that I wrote it over that weekend, in fact over just under two days of it, with space in there for walks on the beach.

My original intent had been to do a stand alone, but now I think this will turn out to be a distant prequel to the space opera series that I'll be writing when I get done with one or two more in my current series. Commander Bradford will be an ancestor of the hero of the piece, and an overnight at Frozen Base will be the final exercise before being sworn in as an officer of the United Space Service.


William Lehman Joined the navy at 17, and spent the next 20 years as a Submarine Sonar technician during the end of the cold war, and through Gulf war one. He finished out his Navy career as the Work Programs Director at the Naval Brig Bangor WA and as a Reserve officer for the Bremerton Police department. Learning nothing, he went right back to work for the Navy as a civilian. He's the author of the John Fisher Novels Harvest of Evil, and Keeping the Faith, with Shadow War coming soon. He's also an avid elk hunter, a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism and a Freemason. He currently lives in western Washington, with his wife, and various dogs and cats, the children being grown and on their own.

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