Tuesday, March 17, 2020


Before I get into the full announcement, a quick note wherein I follow up on the post from yesterday.

For the record
  • No, I do not have a fever
  • Yes, I have a cough. It's once every hour or so. I had it before I left for Italy.
  • I do not have a sore throat, it's more like a mild weakness when I talk or sing.
  • Yes, I'm taking vitamin C (1000mg / day) and zync is next on the list.
  • My wife is asymptomatic for the moment.
On to the news of the day...

Image may contain: 1 person, possible text that says 'DECLAN FINN NYPJ SAINT COVEN TOMMY BOOK 1'Just in case you thought I was going to slow down after Italy....

You would be wrong.

Because now, the next Saint Tommy novel is life....

And it's live on Silver Empire's website.

Yes, just Silver Empire. It's going to be live for weeks before it goes up on Amazon.


Because screw Amazon. 

Not even joking. Amazon's algorithms have been rejiggered so much, I don't even think Amazon knows what's going on. Kindle Unlimited is becoming so unprofitable, everyone I know seems to be abandoning it (and for good reason).

So now, Coven.

Detective Thomas Nolan has finally returned home.

In typical police fashion, he is welcomed home with a murder case and gunfire.

After one arrest goes spectacularly wrong, Tommy is assigned another case and another dead body.

But everything goes wrong from the start. The deceased is a member of a nearby military base, and no one wants to answer his questions. A local bodega gives him mind-splitting headaches.

Worst of all, someone is after his children.

But just to make matters worse — Tommy no longer has his charisms.

So you can get it here, and have the jump on .... everyone over at Amazon.


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