Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Pre-Order, NEW RELEASE: Clerical Error

So it's time to talk about a new release.

No, not something from Silver Empire -- much to my publisher's relief. 

This is something from the distant past, brought to you by someone who was there.

Obviously, any similarities between real persons or events is completely coincidental. Wink. Wink.

Enter: Clerical Error.

And, I have a new co-author.

Dr. John Konecsni is a veteran of academia for decades. Primarily teaching philosophy or shuffling papers in a college office.

Who is this man and why is he important?

First of all, he's my father.

... What? You thought I magically managed to have been born with as cool an author name as Declan Finn?

Second of all, he is my co-author on Clerical Error.

Clerical Error is what you might call a "cozy." It's a nice, laid-back murder mystery, without a lot of running around and shooting. In fact, more of the book is almost a comedic historical set piece, back in the sands of time that were the 1970s.

Let's just say that Dr. Konecsni spent a lot of time in Bedford-Stuyvesant, aka, Bed-Sty, hanging out with a college classmate of his.

The classmate happened to be the pastor of a church.

And the "hanging out" meant becoming an assistant pastor for the entire parish.

Take all that together, add a dead body, and you have the plot of Clerical Error.
James is a college philosophy professor with too much time on his hands. When an old classmate asks for a favor, he drops in with little notion of what’s ready for him.

The year is 1976, during the dark times – for both the Catholic Church and New York City.

James’ college classmate is Father Gus Sadowski, the pastor of Saints Gabriel, Columcille, and Rocco church in the middle of Bed-Sty, where there drive by criminals are on one side of the parish, and the mob is one the other. Father Gus is all alone to run the parish, and needs some help – because the live-in priest in the attic, Father Timothy A. Lessner, is worse than useless.

When Lessner takes a tumble down the stairs in the middle of the night, the casual favor has turned into a nightmare.

Can James solve the mystery of who killed Lessner before he finds himself the main suspect?

I came along, edited the book, added a few touches, and thought it was more than good enough to publish.

Clerical Error is up for pre-order.

And anything else I've got up for sale can be found here.

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