Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Awards for everyone!

You ever get to the point in your resume when you have to remember if anyone's ever graced you with an award? It's weird, isn't it?

Much to my surprise, I've actually gotten to that point. 

Catholic Reads, Best of the Year

2019: WINNER, Hell Spawn

Helicon Award for Best Horror

2019: WINNER: Saint Tommy NYPD #1: Hell Spawn

2020: WINNER: Saint Tommy NYPD #6: Deus Vult.

Conservative Libertarian Fiction Alliance Book of the Year

2015: FINALIST: Honor at stake

2017: FINALIST: Set to Kill

2017: FINALIST: Love at First Bite Book Two: Demons are Forever (under the name Murphy’s Law of Vampires)

2019: WINNER: Saint Tommy NYPD #1: Hell Spawn

Dragon Award


Best horror

FINALIST 2016: Love at First Bite #1: Honor at Stake
FINALIST 2017: Love at First Bite #3: Live and Let Bite
FINALIST 2017: Best Apocalypse: Codename: UnSub

Speaking of awards, you should probably check out my current suggestions for Dragon Award nominations. I think you'll like them.

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