Monday, July 13, 2020

Hollywood Politics

One of the things I hate about Hollywood is that they claim to be premiere artists, when they're really just garbage human beings churning out garbage films for the sake of garbage.

Then, when they realize they need money, they will make something good. Or buy rights to a comic book IP and cross their fingers. Aren't we due for another remake of the Shadow? I actually liked that one... so probably not.

But yeah, their attempts are "art" films almost never work. Unless it's Clint Eastwood's Oscar bait. 

Can we all agree that Art should have something ... true about it? In Die Hard, we have heroism in an ordinary guy who spends the movie getting cut up, shot up and beat up. In A Quiet Place, we have family. In Halloween, we have the truth of pure evil ... and that sex will deplete your situational awareness.

Recently, I looked at an old blog of mine on Hollywood's obsession with Nazis. And it occurred to me that they would go out of their way to ignore every real, contemporaneous evil in the world, rather than 
We need someone evil. 
Let's see... MS-13, Jihadis, China...
Someone involved in the slave trade!
Still MS-13, Jihadis, China...
Someone who tramps on the rights of their citizens
Okay, that's the Middle East and China.
Someone who racist and hates women.
The Middle East for sure! ... and China.
Someone with death camps!
Definitely China. 
Someone who cuts up people for actual spare parts!
Planned Parenthood... and China. 
I have it! Nazis!
    It's gotten so bad, an author I respected, Jon Land, in one of his latest Texas Ranger novels, decided that the villain of the piece was Hitler's Great Grandson... and that the one of our heroes' killed Hitler's Grandson in prison... after the OTHER hero had her father hunt down Hitler's son after escaping a Texas POW camp in 1944...

    Yes, really.

    Oh, yeah, and Hitler's Great Grandson was behind Brexit, Marie Le Pen... and a few other unbelievable bits of BS that I have since burned out of my brain.

    Then again, why should I expect any truth from Hollywood about anything? Jack Reed and William Durante were reporters who covered the Russian Revolution, and covered up every horror and atrocity committed in the name of progress. Durante got an award for COVERING UP A MAN MADE FAMINE IN UKRAINE.

    Hollywood, of course, have spun the history of both Jack Reed and William Durante into heroes, in a fiction so unrecognizable, there is more truth in Team America: World Police than Hollywood's "historical" movies. 

    Who am I kidding? There was more truth in Team America: World Police than some "documentaries."

    People wonder why I haven't reviewed many movies over the past few years. It's because of crap like this. Because Hollywood is in the pocket of scum. Not surprising, because most of them are scum -- and if they aren't scum because of what they do, they're scum because of who they protect. Funny how "everyone knew" about Harvey Weinstein, but no one said anything about him until after he was safely in jail.

    And those who aren't scum, or supporting scum by proxy, they will take billions of dollars from China, who are the Nazis of today. And if we had any justice in the world, we would have bombed the shit out of them by now.

    [Insert longwinded, deranged, murderous rant where genocide on the human race is a valid plan A, B, and C.]

    .... Anyway, I'm pissed off and cranky today, but it's Monday. What else is new? I'm going to stop now before I suggest wholesale slaughter of major cities. And get off my lawn...

    Mutter mutter....

    While I think about it, please remember to vote in the Dragon Awards. The nominations period is up on July 19th -- this Sunday.

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