Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Oh Corona

Over the fourth of July weekend, illegal fireworks went off from about twelve different sites around my home.

It was probably New Yorkers telling Mayor de Blasio to go fuck himself.

That Sunday, I went to church, where the pastor, another spineless eunuch, held a public service announcement about social distancing, and not a mass worshiping Jesus Christ.

I am sick to death of an asshole I didn't vote for, telling me how to worship. 

I'm even more pissed off about my bishops, who are more concerned about being invited to the right parties than about tending to their flocks.

With my family I joked about crowdfunding an assassination of a few mayors and a few bishops. The response was less of a laugh and more of an "I'm afraid that you'd make money."

It's gotten so bad that I've had people suggest running for public office in New York.

It's so bad, I'm considering it.

I want to violate every mask regulation on a daily basis. The only reason I don't is because the jackbooted thugs have closed down the few places I like going. For once in my life, I've gone to my nearby parks, just so I can go somewhere and flaunt the mask laws.

Mercifully, my local cops are more concerned about riots than masks. 

Speaking of Black Lives Matter, don't you like their political privileges? After months of Jews being denied the quorum required for services (a minion is ten people-- De Blasio capped gatherings at 9) and funerals and masses being denied, BLM can go riot without masks on or social distancing, and wreck whole city streets without consequence.

Talk to me again about white privilege? 

Fuck it. I'm done for right now.

While I think about it, please remember to vote in the Dragon Awards. The nominations period is up on July 19th -- this Sunday.

My Dragon Award ballot is here.

Voting is here.

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