Thursday, August 20, 2020

Home Chemistry and Supernatural Streets.

So, what bat guano insane environment did I have to grow up in to be a writer?

Well, in the age old argument of nature versus nurture, I must say that I was always like this.

In 8th grade, my science project was "Bombs from Bisquick." Fans of the 1994 film Blown away should recognize the quote. That film was my introduction to Forest Whittaker, U2, and creative chemistry.

Experiments I did for this science project involved amonium iodide (pressure sensitive little green crystals), as well as a "magic trick" watching colored water shift, etc.

This of course, doesn't even include the things that I didn't do because it was ... inadvisable. 

Though I now regret not having mixed ammonia and bleach... outside... in a sealed jar. I figure they might be good for crowd control these days.

In short, if someone had handed me the anarchist cookbook in grammar school, that would have been an interesting month.

Nowadays, I have like-minded individuals on social media who have helped with research for books, such as chlorine fluoride (used to great effect on Infernal Affairs). And my own, lesser research for homemade thermite, which appears in Supernatural Streets...

Because when you're writing fantasy, and you need to hit a Terminator-level threat with something heavy, and you don't have superpowers, chemistry is a great second option.

... Assuming you don't think that's a superpower to start with.

Anyway, you can get your copy of Supernatural Streets here -- now out in Kindle Unlimited and hard copy. Just to see how to weaponize chemistry 101.

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