Thursday, January 28, 2021

Fisking 1 star reviews

It's time for me to have some fun with one star reviews. Mostly by making fun of them. I already started a week ago by pointing out the review that bitched about how a saint made fun of other Catholic orders. No, seriously, look up Saint Jerome sometime guys.

Apparently, the holier-than-thou holy rollers are also illiterate. Because they apparently can't read that the genre on the books is CATHOLIC **ACTION** HORROR.

I've had people bitch whine and moan that my novels portray a Saint as violent.

"Oh, he's so vengeful!"

Apparently, no one has an idea of what vengeance looks like.

No, seriously, people. "Vengeance" isn't "this a-hole is shooting at me, I'm going to put three in his head."

Heck, that's it's not even retribution--which is a form of justice, to repay, to pay to someone what they are owed.

Vengeance is more like getting alone time with someone you hate, wielding a blow torch and pliers.

"He's a Saint! He should be forgiving and trying to save souls!"

.... I'm sorry, dumbass, Tommy couldn't hear you over the sound of MS-13's ROCKET LAUNCHER.

No, seriously, MS-13's slogan is "Rape, Control, Kill." They do everything but rip hearts out while screaming KALI MA! Their livelihood is drugs and sex trafficking. Tommy can't even scream POLICE, FREEZE! without being shot at.

But somehow, he's supposed to have a good sit down with them? How stupid are you? It says ACTION on THE COVER.

So, if you want a badass taking down the forces of darkness and sending them back to Hell, you want to read my books. Pretty much any of my books.

You want a spineless simp, you go read someone else.

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