Thursday, January 14, 2021

The Warning Labels of Declan Finn

There have been some poor little babies over on Amazon who have objected to things in my Saint Tommy NYPD series.

They object to things like 

... jokes about other Catholic orders. Jokes that my father, the 3rd order lay Dominican, have told since the day I was born. 

... their sins being written down and insulted.

... prayers. In something labeled CATHOLIC ACTION HORROR and a series called SAINT TOMMY. I mean, the poor little babies.

...action. In an action novel.

... "Waaahhhh! A Christian should be more forgiving and tolerant!!!" -- of rapists and murderers and people actively trying to kill our hero. How dare he defend himself.

So, we've got some warnings.

There are minor spoilers kicking around.

Click here for the entire series

Hell Spawn

Warning: This book contains Catholicism, God, Guns, miracles, America and the presumption that all life is sacred starting from conception. It will also accurately depict abortion, psychopathology, and other things that will be horrific. It's a horror novel, that should be expected. Also, it pokes fun at other Catholic orders and societies, because Catholics have a sense of humor. 

Death Cult

Warning: Catholicism and violence ahead. If your favorite sins are insulted, keep reading, there will be more. If you are offended, you were warned. Insulting politicians included. We would apologize for the depictions of ancient Carthage, but the Romans wiped them out, so good riddance. Also, there is some gore ahead. But this is horror, you were warned. 

Infernal Affairs

Warning, this novel will have accurate and harsh depictions of politicians and other monsters. Extreme Catholicism ahead. Also, extreme chemistry, prayer, and creatures from Hell. Enjoy. 

City of Shadows

Warning: the following book contains horrors of the real world, including current events in London (CA 2019), terrorism, atheists in positions of power, and rioting. There will be prayer, God and guns. Read at your own risk. Urban II did nothing wrong. 


Warning: This book involves sex trafficking, nudity, demons from Hell, Guns, John Wick level violence, Jewish mysticism, extreme Catholicism, and excessive levels of Deus Vult.

Deus Vult

Warning, this is Catholic action horror. There is gore. There are prayers, demons, stupid bureaucrats in clerical garb, and a Lovecraftian Bond villain.


Warning: There are accurate portrayals of Catholicism, Asatru, and dealing with evil. If you have problems with the concept of evil, you have purchased the wrong novel.


WARNING: This novel involves human trafficking, child abuse, Big Tech, an accurate portrayal of Child Protection Services, Anti-Fa thugs and other Socialists.


(No, this one isn't published yet. So, enjoy the sneak peak)

WARNING: This book may be offensive to people without a sense of humor, ancient Carthage, abortion fetishists, et al. There will be prayers, miracles, corrupt priests, and Italians.  If Italians offend you, I was there during COVID-19, how do you think I feel?


(No, this one isn't published yet either.)

WARNING: This book portrays pedophilia as the crime is it, and the belief that perpetrators should have a millstone tied to their neck. Extreme Deus Vult level Catholicism ahead. Accurate portrayals of the history of Hollywood and corrupt politicians included.

.... And I should get to writing up warnings for Dark Web and Blue Saint. Because for those, I'm going to go out of my way to piss people off.


  1. Burn some porn down for me, would you?

    1. In Saint Tommy? A little. That's a different book that I had planned. Or have planned. Depending on how it goes.


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