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Double Dragon (Award)

 If you’ve tracked … any of my movements on social media lately, you’ll know that I’ve talked often about the Dragon Awards.

What I have spelled out lately is… well… why I care. And why you should care.

Many on the right will cite the old adage “Politics is downstream from culture.”

If that’s the case, our culture is heading for a sewer.

Frankly, we should fight back. And I mean on every conceivable level.

Before you think I’m saying “Fight them except for…X.”

I’m not. But that’s another post, probably hidden behind a paywall so people who want to cancel me will have to pay for the privilege.

Why are the Dragon Awards a front in the culture war? Nerd culture is important. If you don’t believe me, look up “GamerGate“ sometime. While GG has been out of action for years (at least five years, IIRC) you’d think that it was a massive conspiracy theory on par with the Illuminati. It left a mark. You’d think the line was that “the Geek shall inherit the Earth.”

In 2020, no one cared. That front was ignored entirely. The Leftist dirtbags who are interested in taking over every aspect of American life moved in. And while DragonCon is not a bastion of the Right (just look at the parade of Handmaiden cosplayers a few years ago) it has always been a place where everyone can show up, do their own thing, and be left alone.

From my varied and sundry sources, people are trying to make it not that.

So yes, we need to push back.

Voting in the Dragons is a way of making sure that we can all push back without any investment … aside from a little bit of time.

Nominate here

Yes, the nominations are already open! I'm not even joking.

Yes, I have a list of who I’m voting for. Here, for you folks, I’m also going to give you my reason for why I’m voting for each, and why I think it’s important.

But first…

My thought process

I'm not nominating anyone who already has an award. Most of those who have won already have the attitude of “Oh, I don’t need more dust collectors.”

I’m leaving out Big Name Authors. Frankly, if you're Jim Butcher or a Baen author, you don't need my help.

If I leave the categories blank, it means I STILL got nothing.

You may wonder why I’m not having a full, massive, months-long discussion, gathering up every eligible author and product.

Been there, done that. It turned into an unmanageable mess. Authors came in a hit and run to my posts, screamed "ME ME ME" in the comments, then dropped links to their book and ran. There was no discussion. That’s it.

Best Science Fiction Novel


Karl Gallagher: Storm Between the Stars.

I read it. I reviewed it. It's really quite awesome. It's like if 1984 were written by David Weber.

(My problem is that book 2 is even better... but it's probably best to nominate book ones whenever possible.)

Why is it important to nominate this?

Because 1984 should be a warning, not an instruction manual. And I think shoving it in the face of the Left would be absolutely perfect.

I would be remiss if I did not mention that my friend Richard Paolinelli also has a book up for nomination, Galen’s Way. I’ve reviewed it over here. It was a hard-run thing, but Karl won out.

Buy it here

Best Fantasy Novel (Including Paranormal)

Overlooked Again, by Jon Mollison 

Buy from the publisher

My review

Buy at Amazon

Why is it important? Because of the enemy. If you’ve read the first one, you know that they make the Illuminati look like a childish fantasy…

In part because this one looks like a very realistic nightmare. Jon even has a rigged election. And this book came out before November 2020.

You’re probably wondering: why is this in fantasy? What’s the first one a spy novel?

Our villains include a wizard and someone wielding an Atlantean artifact. Trust me, there’s plenty of fantasy in here.

Another option is from an acquaintance of mine, NR LaPoint. Since he did the graphics, I figure I should at least mention him. :)


Best Young Adult / Middle Grade Novel


Paula Richey, Penance

My Review

Buy Penance

Buy from Amazon

How do I put this … do you miss the days when science fiction didn’t automatically turn into “atheist fantasy“? I’ve seen very few who have Christian SF, and I see even fewer who do it this well. And those I know who do it this good … haven’t come out with anything eligible.

Best Military Science Fiction or Fantasy Novel


Kai Wai Cheah, Unmasked. Half of this is a military engagement of one sort or another. And he gives Larry a run for his money in the gun porn.

My review

Buy at Amazon

By from Publisher

Why nominate it? Because the last thing we want is for John Scalzi to get it. Ugh. He already won last year, which was bad enough.

Maybe the 2020 Dragons can have an asterisk next to it. It would only be fair. Heh heh heh.

Best Alternate History Novel

Educated Luck, Mel Todd. Heavily magic, heavy on alternate history and the development on the world. It would probably be best in fantasy, but I like it here.

My review


Best Media Tie-In Novel

Everyone, feel free to suggest something.

Someone has suggested a Warhammer 40K novel: Penitent

Best Horror Novel


Hussar, Declan Finn 

Amazon link

Publisher link

Best Comic Book


Soulbound, #2, Paula Richey


Yes, this is the same author as Penance. But just take a look at this comic, seriously.

Best Graphic Novel

Best Graphic Novel Demon Slayer, Koyoharu Gotouge Suggested to me by @ArchivistPulp on Twitter

It's Japanese, but I also get the impression it's also very Christian. Also…

Best Science Fiction or Fantasy TV Series

Demon Slayer is also a TV show. Heh Heh heh

But wait, it gets better.

Best Science Fiction or Fantasy Movie

Demon Slayer.

Yes, Demon Slayer is also a movie. And it’s doing pretty damn good, really.

Next year, it’ll also be a video game.

Best Science Fiction or Fantasy PC / Console Game


Steam Link

This one was suggested to me. But from what I’ve seen, it looks kinda awesome.

Best Science Fiction or Fantasy Mobile Game

Best Science Fiction or Fantasy Board Game

Best Science Fiction or Fantasy Miniatures / Collectible Card / Role-Playing Game

I have nothing. For any of the above elements. So if you have anything, you let me know, would you?

However, I must stress a few things

1) The eligibility window for the 2021 Dragon Awards is from 7/1/2020 to 6/30/2021

2) The Nomination Deadline is July 19, 2021. It’s two months away. If you you have a suggestion, or want in on this conversation, now would be a good time.

But if you’re ready to go right now, click here

Vote here

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