Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Cover reveal: Main Street DOA

My White Ops space opera is set in the 2360s. My main character, Sean Patrick Ryan, is different from Sean A.P. Ryan of It Was Only On Stun! and Pius.

First, this is the original Sean Patrick Ryan. His temperament is more… even. He likes to read books. He doesn’t exercise an insane amount, but he’s 6’6,” he’s a tough sumbitch.

But he’s a Ryan. Being forced to relax and have fun … isn’t in his nature.

Unfortunately, he’s also a smartass.

So, when his alien boss asks “Sean, you’ve been through three wars in the last two years. What are you going to do now?” His kneejerk reaction is to say “Of course, I’m going to the Happiest place in the galaxy.”

The joke doesn’t translate.

Which is how Sean Patrick Ryan and his team of interstellar Knights Templar end up being sent to an amusement planet.

At least for a few days, Sean is going to content himself by looking at the security arrangements. Genetically altered dinosaurs and prehistoric sharks aren’t his thing. Nor animatronic tour guides.

But when terrorists take over the planet, this is Sean’s idea of a party.

It’s time for a show down on Main Street: DOA.

It comes out in the ides of March. 

You can pre order the book here:

Also, the cover.

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