Monday, January 10, 2022

Happy New Year, I'm Back

I know I’ve been incommunicado for weeks now. Part of that is that I drove all the way to Ohio for Thanksgiving… then I drove back. Yes, that’s an 11 hour trip, and about 700 miles. One way.

Then I promptly started updating my substack, and all but forgetting the blog.

Since I’ve been back, I’ve done two podcasts. Here’s one: if only because I can’t embed the video.

I’ve started work on my next book series: Honeymoon From Hell. Book 1 is The Neck Romancer. 

More on that later.

I’ve been setting up advertising and future podcasts for my new release, White Ops — which is just book one. Feel free to click on the link, for the simple reason that this one is going wide. It’s not in pre-order for hard copy yet, but that’s coming. But if you don’t want to go near Amazon, you don’t have to.

I’ll see about what happens with book two and book three.

This of course, doesn’t even count that I have more books in White Ops in the works. They are already drafted. They just need me to hit them with a hammer some more.

Yes, I know, I’m juggling the creation of one series while editing the other. But remember, this is me. With my writing speed, I hope to have all five books done by the time I have reports on the White Ops series already in the queue.

But that’s one disaster at a time.

As for Honeymoon From Hell

The late and somewhat lamented Harlan Ellison used to perform a trick.

He would sit in the window of a bookstore and pound away at a typewriter, grinding out short stories. As each page was written, he would post it in the window of the bookstore so people could read the short story as it was written.

It was a cute trick.

And if you’re on my Patreon account, you can see this unfold in real time. 

Because Marco and Amanda are back. 

And they're going to get married.

You may recall, some time ago, that I said that Love at First Bite was over. Finished. Fine.

It still is.

Honeymoon From Hell is the sequel series.

And my trick? I will post a chapter a week over on my Patreon. Once a week. For as long as it takes for me to finish writing it. This will be the raw footage, if you will.

And after that, I will publish the books.

So far, the outline to Honeymoon from Hell is like this.

Book one: The Neck Romancer: Our heroes get married and go on a honeymoon (by train). The first stop is Chicago (only the good parts). So of course they run into a Necromatic alderman.

Book two, Blood Country: Marco and Amanda go to California (wine country). They get sucked into a problem involving state senator Roland Lee, who is also dealer in magical weaponry.

Book three, FangCon: The honeymoon ends with WyvernCon, and an old enemy of Amanda’s surfaces.

Book four: Saints and Monsters, THE NOVEL. Marco needs some training in Rome. And he’s going to meet a New York cop who’s a little saintly.

Book Five, Family Business: Someone was behind the monsters of books 1-4, and he's sick and tired of our heroes screwing around.

The posting on Patreon begins January 5th, 2022.

My publication date is … I don’t know yet. You’ll know when I do.

I’m working as fast as I can.

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