For those newcomers, welcome to A Pius Geek.  This started, as I note above, as a way to drum up publicity for A Pius Man: A Holy Thriller. After a while, it was the only way to sell my books.

So, what's it all about?

It's about stories. How do you create them? How do you shape them? How do you assemble dreams when the world is so busy trying to stomp on them and take them away from you? That's why I dissect political opinions of Superheroes, or examine bad comic book storylines, or try to predict where things are going.  That's why I look at faith in fiction, to see just how much of the writer goes into the story, and how much should go into the story.  This blog will also address the Catholic faith in particular because, well, I'm Catholic -- it's part of me, and part of who I am, and part of my stories, so it comes with the package.

But, as fiction is not just about how a story is made, but also about the process of selling it. That's why I look at women in fiction, or the politics of publishing, etc.

Also ... it's still about marketing. Because I need to make money.

My Books
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How do I get in touch with you?
Shoot me an email over at DeclanFinnInc@aol.com.  Yes, I still use AOL. So shoot me.

Where can I find you online?
On social media I can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Gab. You can also find me at The Catholic Geek blog, The American Journal and CatholicMom.com.

Where can I find your books?
You can find my books at Amazon.com or you can get signed copies directly from me. Contact info is above.

How can I get your book at my local store?
Order it through the customer service desk.

Have I ever heard of you?
Oh, shut up...

What are your books about?
About 300 pages a book....

Here's the really short version.

The really really short version? I take The Da Vinci Code out to the woodshed. I am the anti-Dan Brown.

The Pius Trilogy is about the war on God, only with real bullets.

Codename: Winterborn is about betraying a team of spies, then killing the bastards behind it. Who happen to be senators.

And Honor at Stake is about making coherent vampires.

Is your book going to be a movie?
Not yet.

Where do you get your ideas?

For The Pius Trilogy there's a short versiona long version, and the really short version above.

So, what do you think of X, Y, Z political issue?
I try not to, unless I'm being paid for it. Otherwise, it just sort of sucks the life out of me.

Who are some of your favorite writers, books, movies, and intellectual influences?
As someone who grew up in a household of readers, the list goes on for a while. I'll try to keep it short. Between his TV show Babylon 5 and his articles on writing, J. Michael Straczynski inspired me to be an author. Though John Ringo's novels more or less taught me how to slip in nonfiction elements into the middle of my books.  And Jefferey Deaver taught me how to play games with my readers' heads.

One of the best thrillers I have ever read is one that almost no one else has ever heard of, Vertical Run by Joseph Garber. But the more recent influence is James Rollins, who combines theoretical sciences with historical trivia, and make it into one kickass roller coaster ride.  And I miss Vince Flynn. And I have a history degree, so I hate Dan Brown.

I'm Catholic. My intellectual influences basically boils down to Thomas Aquinas, Peter Kreeft, and any other smart Catholic with an attitude problem.

How do you describe yourself ideologically?  
Damn it ... Sigh. I'm a Catholic New Yorker, Which means I'm pro-life, pro-gun, pro-death penalty, anti-stupid / anti-government. The last two are pretty much interchangeable.

On the other hand, I'm perfectly happy to let other people indulge in whatever half-assed stupidity they like ... as long as they don't take anyone else with them when they inevitably win themselves a Darwin award. That's the long version.

The short version? I have vague libertarian leanings and a low BS tolerance threshold.

Which thinkers have influenced you?  
GK Chesterton, CS Lewis, Fr. Stanley Jaki, PhD, and ... I'm sure I'm missing a few people along the way. Many of the thinkers I follow nowadays essentially update Aquinas and natural law philosophy. It's why I laugh every time Dawkins or Hawking claims to have a new way for explaining away God.

How do you choose your character's names?
Picking names out of a hat, usually. Or the phone book. Occasionally, I go to baby name websites in order to find a nice meaning. Lately, I've taken to looking at who's online in Facebook Messenger.

What steps should writers take when they disagree with the publisher's choice of a cover?"
Take it up with the artist. Or shut the hell up and thank God you have a publisher. One or the other. Depends on your relationship with them.

Readers of thrillers appreciate realism. How much can writers play fast and loose on politics, foreign relations, technology, careers or personality traits?
Only enough to make the story plausible. Or, as much as you think you can get away with it. But usually, try to keep it as real as possible. Honest. Though if you try too hard to keep up with politics, it'll just drive you insane. Don't believe me? Think "Arab Spring."

When are you going to get a real job?
Shut up. No. Seriously, shut up. And go away.

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