One of the things you'll notice about this page is that we like reading.  A lot. I will read practically anything that isn't nailed down.

A few recommendations.

Genre recommendations.

Romance.   Yes, I read romance. Not a lot, but isn't one enough?

Thriller / Mystery authors: With David Morell, Vince Flynn, and Matthew Reilly.  Just enjoy.

Catholic books   Not complete, but it'll have to do.  This has some more.

Individual Books and Authors.

Murder in the Vatican: The Church Mysteries of Sherlock Holmes --The only thing I will say about this is, if you are new to this page, read all about it.  If you are an old hand here, then why haven't you bought it already?

The Watson Chronicles ... Ditto Murder in the Vatican

Infinite Space Infinite God II .... Christian science fiction anthology. Really, why not?

John C Wright's Iron Chamber of Memory

Chasing Freedom

Specter -- not a James Bond film.

The Book of Helen --  ... What happened to Helen of Troy ... after Troy?

Ellen Gable's Stealing Jenny -- This was a straight up awesome thriller.

Night Machines, by Kia Heavey ... Twilight Zone Romance. Nuff said.

Amy Lynn, by Jack July.  To Kill a Mockingbird with way more guns.

Amy Lynn: Golden Angel

Mind over Psyche -- Catholic Dune

Tears of Paradox

Live and Let Fly .... It has Loki.  Do you need more?  REVIEW IS HERE.

Ordinance 93  ... I did an interview with this author, but no review. I'll have to rectify that.  Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Once a Spy -- imagine if Jason Bourne got old and got Alzheimer's.

The Blue Nowhere: Hacker becomes a serial killer who wants to play a deadly game with Los Angeles.

Larry Correia -- fantasy author. There will be gunplay, and it will be awesome.

J. Michael Straczynski. -- his body of work is just mind-blowing. Read here to see why.

Timothy Zahn -- the man who single-handedly resurrected Star Wars with the bestselling Heir to the Empire trilogy.  And he writes other stuff as well. It is all awesome.

Terry Prachett (with Neil Gaiman) -- everyone seems to know Neil Gaiman. Fewer people seem to know Terry Prachett, even though he is the better author.

Jim Butcher -- If you've ever heard of The Dresden Files as a tv show, ignore it.  These books were what the series was supposedly based on; but these books are awesome -- they start as Phillip Marlowe meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and goes right into an epic out of Lord of the Rings.  Also, he has a different series that is .... well ...  Lord of the Rings, if almost everyone was a magic user.

David Weber -- science fiction epics all the time. I'm not even sure how to describe him.  If Patrick O'Brien or CS Forester were science fiction authors, it would look like David Weber's career.

John Ringo: This man does so many various and sundry things, he needs a section all by himself.  
  • Princess of Wands -- fantasy / religious series based around a good Christian housewife who is a warrior-ninja for God. Long story.
  • Empire of Man -- there is a Greek story about ten thousand mercenaries lost in enemy territory, and having to fight their way home. It was called the Anabasis, or "The March Up." March Upcountry is about a royal bastard (in the literal and metaphorical sense) who is lost on a backwards planet, midst hostile forcesand he has to grow up really fast, before everyone gets killed ... this was a moving series with loads of character development and, oh, just read them.
  • The Thrillers. Ringo later expanded into straight-out thrillers. They're a little dark at times, and hilarious at others. Much like life.
  • The Epics: While Empire of Man could have been under this, this is mostly dedicated to one series of Ringo's the Posleen wars. And his Through the Looking Glass series. There will be blood.... glowing yellow blood.  

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