I will have my own radio show, The Catholic Geek, as of Sunday, June 7th, from 7pm-9pm, EST.

The fact that the radio show happens to share the exact same name to the blog that I'm now contributing to?  Yeah, not even a little bit of a coincidence.

The fact that my first two guests are the founders of said website?  Slightly more of a coincidence.

One of the two guests is the Novel Ninja, Matthew Bowman, who I briefly "SWATted" during the latter end of the Sad Puppies war.

As you can tell from the title of the show, I'm going to be covering topics that are either nerd or Catholic related.  This of course means that I will never, ever cover politics .... And if you believe that one, I'm sorry. I am so, so sorry.

Some of this schedule is a work in progress, but I will be updating these as we go along.


We counted nine comic book shows, went over the attacks on Joss Whedon, Sad Puppies, Daredevil, Pope Francis, Sens8, and anything else we thought we could jam into the show.

3) June 21 

4) June 28

5) July 5th
Catholic images and themes in Babylon 5, the fiction of C.S. Lewis, and a retrospective on A Canticle for Leibowitz.

6) July 12th
John C. Wright, and his wife, L. Jagi Lamplighter, will discuss LibertyCon! Superversive fiction! And Sad Puppies.

7) July 19th
Ava Armstrong -- military technology.

8) July 26
Ann Margaret Lewis will discuss Sherlock Holmes and the Catholic Writer's Conference.

9) August 2
Elma Schemenauer and Arthur Powers.

10) August 9
Karina Fabian and the end of the Mind Over trilogy

11) August 16
Jack July on Writing.

12) August 23
Daniella Bova on Planned Parenthood and Tom Knighton on the end of the Hugos and Sad Puppies 3

13) August 30

14) September 6 

15) September 13 

16) September 20 

17) September 27

18) October 4 

19) October 11 

20) October 18 

21) October 25
John C Wright and Somewhither!

22) November 1
Due to a scheduling problem, I did this one solo.

23) November 8th
Synods and Starships with Matthew Bowman.

24) November 15
Pirates and Alternate History

25) November 22
Potluck Broadcast with the Novel Ninja


26) January 3
Star Wars and Sherlock, with Ann Lewis

27) January 10th
Sad Puppies 4: The Embiggening, with guest, Tom Knighton

28) January 17th
Chasing Freedom, with Marina Fontaine

29) January 31
Honor at Stake, Sad Puppies Bite Back
Yes, I did this one by myself. This is a dramatic reading from my stuff. Because

30) February 7
The Catholic Geek: Superbowl Edition
Another solo one. Why? Because it was the Superbowl. Duh

31) February 14
Valentine's Day with Ava Armstrong 
This one didn't quite go off without a hitch. She came down with a cold. So I gave my thought on Valentine's Day. It wasn't pleasant.

32) February 28
Animal Farm with Cats
I had Kia Heavey on talking about her book Domino.

33) March 20
Regency Vampires
This one was a long, long story.

34) April 3
Wage Inequality and the 1% 
Tom Knighton returns. WITH HIS TANK. Bwahahahaaha

35) April 10
The Supreme Court, and the Little Sisters
Dawn Witzke discussing the court case before the decision.

36) May 1
John C Wright's Iron Chamber of Memory
Epic author meets epic romance meets epic fantasy on an even more epic scale.

37) May 8
Space and Eden
From the final frontier to the finale destination.

38) May 15
God, Robot, the Panel
Vox Day, Mr and Mrs Wright, editors, authors, missionary robots! This one had it all, and it was wonderful.

39) May 22
Gaslight & Grimm
8 guests, no waiting, talking about Steampunk Fairy tales. This one was more of a brawl than a panel. Laughing, talking over each other. I wouldn't have changed a thing, and enjoyed every minute of it.

40) May 29
Communications and security in an Internet World

41) June 5
The Science of Science fiction
With Karl Gallagher explaining the best, and the worse, of science in Sci-Fi

42) June 12
Ayn Rand and Marvel
Marina Fontaine returns to discuss objectivism.

43) June 19
A Pir8 a Pir8 He
Discussing social media platforms and advertising with Tom Tinney

44) June 26
The Catholic Geek: Captain America and Magi

45) July 03
The Military in Fiction.
With Jonathan LaForce

46) July 10
Emergency Substitution Edition!
With The Novel Ninja all by himself.

47) July 17
On Gaming with Daddy Warpig

48) July 24
Hugo Award Nominee, Brian Niemeier

49) July 31
Superversive SF and the Wrights
John and Jagi are back to discuss Superversive Fiction.

50) August 7
Playing well with others.
Bokerah Brumley arrives to discuss participating in anthologies. Perhaps she'll be able to tell Declan how to play well with others.

51) August  14
Science Fiction and Philosophy
Jason Rennie of Sci Phi Journal comes on the Catholic Geek to discuss Scifi, philosophy, and perhaps, some awards.

52) August 21
 Hugos 2016, AAR
Discussing WorldCon that year with Stephanie Souders

53) August 28
Finding God Among the Stars, with Brad Torgersen
Religion and Science fiction. With ... guess who?

54) September 04
The Fiction of Science
Declan Finn is once again joined by Karl Gallagher, as they delve into science, and just how much fiction happens to be involved in scientific research.

55) September 11
Poetry and Superversive SF with Ben Zwycky
Also, 9/11

56) September 18
Discovery with Karina Fabian

57) September 25
Music of Moira Greyland, and the Dragon with Brian Niemeier

58) October 02
The Injustice Gamer
Alfred Genesson, the Injustice Gamer, (@aelfredwessex on twitter) joins host Declan Finn to talk about science fiction and fantasy, comic books, Max Allan Collins and Mickey Spillane, as well as boardgames, music, GK Chesterton and Hillaire Belloc.

59) October 09
Last minute Halloween Costumes with Jonna Hayden

60) October 16
Rachel Griffin and L Jagi Lamplighter

61) October  23
Attack of the Space Vampires
With Tom Tinney

62) October 30
Superversive Press and The Product
With Marina Fontaine and Jason Rennie

63) November 13
Food for Thanksgiving
With Jonathan LaForce

64) November 20
Making YA Fiction Great Again
Join host Declan Finn as he discusses Young Adult fiction with the YA fiction roundtable, including authors Dawn Witzke, Amy Cattapan, Cynthia Toney, Jagi Lamplighter Wright, and Jane Lebak.

65) November 27
Interview with Hans Schantz
Host Declan Finn brings on author Hans Schantz, to discuss science, independent authors, and more.

66) December 04
Christmas Carols
Moira Greyland and Alfred Genesson discuss the music of Christmas, including Christmas Carols, live versus recorded music.

67) December 11
Gender Studies Bestseller Tom Knighton
Tom Knighton will join host Declan Finn as they discuss Tom's latest, The Essence of Man: A Real Guide to Masculinity in the 21st Century, as well as Tom's blog, By Spear and Axe as well as masculinity in general.


68) January 08
Hugos and Werecougars
With John Van Stry and Hugo Award nominee, Lou Antonelli

69)January 15
Mythic Orbits and Christian SciFi

70) January 22
 Live with Jeffro Johnson

71) January 29
Battle of the Dragons
Declan Finn discusses his latest book with co-host Dawn Witzke. 

72) February 05
Brenda Cooper

73) Feberyary 12
Love and SCOTUS
Law and Love with Dawn Witzke

74) February 19
Substitute Teacher Edition
Declan Finn was on assignment this week, and so Catholic Geeks founder Matthew Bowman is stepping in as host. Joining him are the authors of the Freedom's Light anthology.

75) February 26
Catholic Geek Radio with Lamplighter and Wright
Rachel Griffin and Sigfried Smith will interview characters from other books written by John C. Wright and L. Jagi Lamplighter.

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  1. I'm looking forward to the New Year of interviews. And you know how to get hold of me...


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